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GABBIE - "Text-a-Librarian" at (603) 267-4302

  • “Renew due” and “Renew all” will renew what is renewable and return a summary of how many items were and were not renewed.
  • “Summary” will return a privacy redacted summary of what the patron has out.

Internet Access and Wireless Internet

Library patrons and visitors, 18 years of age and older, may access the Internet.  Consent signatures on file are required for all persons under the age of 18 to access the Internet. Computers may be used on a walk-in basis, for one-half hour, or longer, if no one else is waiting.  If the waiting list is extensive, we reserve the right to limit usage to 15-minute increments.  Click here to download our Internet policy.     Patrons can access our wireless network with their own wireless devices free of charge. Bring your own computer and enjoy the convenience of working with your own systems while enjoying the quiet, friendly and climate controlled atmosphere of our library.

Magazines, Newspapers & Periodicals

A few local newspapers are available for in-house use.  You may also access Newspapers online.  Our collection includes many titles that are available for circulation.  All issues circulate one week.  As with all materials, renewals are available if no one is waiting!   Discarded magazines are also free for the taking in our Magazine Swap bookcase.  We also have Paperback Swap, a Jigsaw Puzzle Swap, and an ongoing book sale in two locations.  Ask for details at the circulation desk.  We also offer ONLINE NEWSSTAND   (click to redirect ),  which organizes many of the most popular magazines by category,  and NH State Libraries NHEWLINK  (click to redirect ),  which provides a number of periodical databases for business, health, and general research.

Meeting Room
We welcome the use of the Agnes Thompson Meeting Room for social, educational and cultural activities that are open to the public.  Reservations may be made at the circulation desk or by calling 875-2550.  Click here to download full policy and click here to download guidelines, also available at the library.

Photocopier, Printer, and FAX Service

Photocopies and computer printouts are 15 cents per page.  We charge $1.00 per page for outgoing FAX service.  We do not receive incoming FAX.   We require that you use our Cover sheet, but we do not include a charge for that page in your total.  This sheet will also act as your receipt.    Click here to download our FAX policy.

Programs: Classes, Clubs, Groups and Special Events

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